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  •  What is a rice bud?
    Rice germ is the essence of rice, rice embryo, is a living substance, is rice meristem, rich in nutrients necessary to life movement, enrichment of dozens of bioactive components, is an advantaged natural nutrition, is a rare food nutrition treasure, the magic of nutrients, rich in the initial life energy, can bring great vitality to the human body.
    How much is the nutrition of rice?
    According to a report from the department of agriculture's scientists, 65 percent of the nutrients (nutrients and essential components) of rice are stored in the rice germ and cortex. Scientists have all the parts of the application of modern testing technology on rice for food analysis and determination, that rice biological active ingredients of almost all gathered in rice seeds and cortex (rice bran), known to rice seeds and cortex (bioactive components in rice bran) as high as several decades.
    The essence of rice - rice germ as the primary tissue and meristem of grain seeds, is the most physiologically active part of the grain. By weight, it accounts for 2% ~ 2.2% of rice, which is a by-product of cereal processing.
    The rice is processed into brown rice, which is processed into polished rice by brown rice. White rice (white rice) consists mainly of rice starch, accounted for 77%, followed by water about 15%, rice protein is about 7% again, lipid, dietary fiber and essential ingredients (nutrition, vitamin and inorganic) is about 1%.
    As the essence of rice germ, rice nutrition is rich, the protein and lipid content over 20%, the amino acid composition of protein is relatively balanced, ratio of essential amino acid in accordance with FAO/WHO recommended nutrition reasonable mode, up to a dozen other nutrition. So the rice germ protein is a high-quality protein that belongs to the whole price. The content of vitamin E in rice germ lipids is as high as 200 ~ 300mg/ 100g, and more than 70% of fatty acids are unsaturated fatty acids. The fat in the rice germ can inhibit cholesterol synthesis, prevent blood vessel cholesterol deposition and prevent diabetes. Rich vitamin E delays aging. The rice germ is also rich in trace elements and minerals.
    The structure form of rice grain is composed of rice husk, rice seed coat, aleurone layer, white rice and rice germ.
    The main components of white rice are rice starch, which accounts for about 77%, about 15% of water, about 7% of rice protein, about 1% of lipid, dietary fiber and essential ingredients (vitamin and nutrient inorganic salt).
    Sixty-five percent of the major biological activity and nutrients are in the rice germ and cortex.
    The efficacy of rice germ
    1. Oxidation resistance;
    2. Improve the immunity of the body;
    3. Hardening of the arteries (softening blood vessels);
    4. Maintain the integrity of red blood cells and enhance the activity of red blood cells
    High blood oxygen transport capacity, improve blood oxygen content;
    5. Have stamina, energy and physical strength;
    6. Improve response sensitivity;
    7. Improving emergency preparedness;
    8. Reduce muscle pain;
    9. Improving cardiac function;
    10. Stable blood pressure (lowering systolic blood pressure);
    11. Improve the metabolic rate of the body;
    12. Promoting hormone action;
    13. Activate cells to promote blood circulation;
    14. Lipid lowering effect;
    15. Prevention of osteoporosis;
    16. Promoting the metabolism of ethanol (alcohol);
    17. It has a good effect on the function of kidney function and liver function
    Rice germ - sweeping Japan, conquering the world
    Rice germ is derived from the most pay attention to nutrition care in Japan, and has many nickname, such as: "has the health functions of rice", "smart meters", "the magic of rice germ", etc., in Japan there are even local government should take rice germ as the core, to improve local commune of aging, medical treatment, health problems, such as people after eating rice germ, hypertension, constipation, diabetes and other disease actually improve gradually, raised the official achievements directly, it's like magic. The Japanese government has established the rice germ association for the rice germ, so as to make the rice germ more beneficial to the country, and the rice germ has been held by the Japanese to restore the national health expectation! Japan is crazy for rice germ!
    Rice germ and entered Taiwan in August 2002, rapidly gaining consumer's enthusiasm and response:
    The elderly from rice germ prevention dementia and lower blood pressure, women rice germ into new weapons, thin body and beautiful skin vitality, young men used to brain boost children used to improve the nutrition and improve academic performance, constipation is used to purge...
    Taiwan's chattering classes or even sent to rice germ such comments: "rice germ is the new trend of the 21st century, the rice", "island launch rice germ food don't often see doctor", "new choice health preservation -- rice germ", "rice germ has brought the staple food of revolution", "to feed generation really realize", "rice germ - new proposition" life food...
    The rice germ is now rapidly entering Hong Kong, the United States, Europe, South Korea...
    Healthy prime motivity - create the fundamental of active health
    After medical, nutritional, sports academic experts continuously explore, finally found out the new health concept, that is: modern basic reason is the lack of a body is in a state of low-level health "health impulsion", leading to epidemic prevention capacity degradation, and even lead to the degradation of food, health care products and pharmaceuticals using ability, therefore improve agent "health", is fundamental to become a truly healthy person. "Health prime mover" refers to the human body the inner motive power of self for health maintenance, is to decide whether it has the vitality and the body's defense ability of prime mover, is decided to people in the sub-health state or senior health foundation. Long - term exercise is an excellent way to improve "healthy prime motivity", but it is difficult to achieve, so if you can solve it by eating, it will be a great boon to the world.
    Rice germ - healthy original power expert
    Because of germination of the germinal buds, the germinal buds contain the original living matter, producing a variety of precious and magical nutrients and storing up huge initial life energy. According to expert research, the rice germ is the perfect functional food that can bring "healthy prime motivity" to the body. Traditional rice germ can not only brings to the body nutrition is difficult to bring the rich nutrition, but also critical organs such as brain, blood, bowel, skin has obvious optimization function, thereby improving the nervous system, digestive system, blood system with skin health instinct, activate the whole function of the potential of human body health, in order to improve the prime mover "" health. Have strong "healthy motive force", not only can have the natural defense capability of the disease, can also beautify their outer body and skin, which is beneficial to mental sense of fulfillment, make it easy for good healthy life.
    Wild goose
    Autumn comes to winter, wild goose south flies. They can travel through the vast Pacific Ocean for days without stopping, reaching the warm shore. A very common phenomenon of migratory birds, in the early 1930 s, has caused the biology at the university of Illinois, Dr. T.K.C uretor interest, what is the magical powers to goose "overseas"?
    Where does this great endurance and fatigue power come from? In the course of the study, Dr. T.K.C. uretor found that the geese had a blood oxygen substance that other animals did not. In nature, the substance found only honeycomb, sugar cane cream and rice.
    According to the analysis of the food source of the wild geese, the blood oxygen in the goose can only be derived from rice. T.K.C. uretor extracted this important blood oxygen from rice through the laboratory and named it the essence of rice, the extract of rice germ. The extract of rice germ has this extraordinary ability for wild geese, so what is the effect and function of human beings?
    Dr T.K.C uretor and scientists around the world through in-depth study found that rice germ extract can effectively improve the human body the biological activity of hemoglobin in the blood and carry oxygen ability, improve the blood oxygen content in the blood, improve the utilization rate of oxygen and enhance the transport capacity of blood oxygen, have improve endurance, strength and energy to the human body, yiqi huoxue, fast heat. Restore and maintain exuberant vitality. Dozens of papers and patents have been published.
    But as a result of the extraction process of the material is very complex, extract the cost is very high, known as "soft gold" in plants, so has been applied in the heads of government and special forces, particularly the United States will rise as the marines and submarine force of strength, energy and endurance of nutritional supplements.
    With the progress and development of science and technology, to the later period of the 20th century, the supercritical fluid extraction, molecular distillation technology and the emergence of high vacuum distillation technology, makes the production cost greatly reduce, really makes ordinary people also can enjoy the "soft gold" in the plant.
    Rice germ can effectively supplement the body nutrition, improve aerobic metabolism in human body blood, improve cardiac function, lower systolic blood pressure, reduce blood lipids in the blood concentration, low density cholesterol, inhibition of nerve, heart, brain, kidney, all systems and organs such as liver lesions, alleviate and eliminate chest tightness, shortness of breath, dizziness, headache, god exhausted gas, insomnia, forgetfulness, the symptom such as slow response, can effectively regulate, supplement blood oxygen in the body, improve body caused by a lack of blood oxygen in different phase of high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high blood viscosity and visceral lesions, aging, frail, low immunity and sub-health problem has obvious improvement.
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