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  •  Application in health care products
    GABA suppresses the central nervous system and has a calming effect on the brain, which in turn promotes relaxation and the elimination of nervous tension.
    1. Regulation of human autonomic nerves, reducing tension;
    2. Reduce stress, improve and give expression;
    3. To promote the production of growth hormone, the growth hormone promotes the strengthening of bone muscles, improves immunity, reduces fat, and improves the function of the body.
    4. Promote the combustion of neutral fat (triglycerides, 95% of the body fat);
    5. Improve sleep;
    6. It has alleviating and therapeutic effects on hypertension.
    The term "GABA" has become widely known in 1984, with considerable inhibiting effect. Since then, in newspapers and magazines, it is widely reported that GABA is a substance that relaxes the brain and the metabolic activity of brain cells. At present, the various effects of GABA are further studied. At the same time, GABA's products have been widely used in the food industry. In 2001, the ministry of health, health and welfare, the ministry of health, formally designated GABA as a food grade. Taiwan's department of health in 2005 will be GABA composition as food, also on September 27, 2009, at the national institutes of health to GABA, as a new resource food since food-grade GABA shine in the food field, it adopted the pressure, the effect of sleeping will assist in the current under the pressure of social workers, help them improve their mood and relieve stress.
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